Chicago drawings for ACM#50

Here's a few of the sketches delivered to Another Chicago Magazine (ACM) for their upcoming Issue #50, featuring contemporary literature from Chicago. For info, visit anotherchicagomagazine.net or connect with them on Facebook. Here's the Coyote Building in Wicker Park: View South on Des Plaines near Fulton, Presidential Towers in the background: Looking down on corner of Van Buren and Wells: Ashland & Grand Avenue: Gate of the Union Stock Yards, between Halsted and Morgan, between 41st and 42nd streets:


Rookery Prints

Six silkscreened colors, 100lb French Whitewash Cover, 18x24" Limited edition of 70 Earlier this year I had a great experience performing an edition of prints with Sonnenzimmer, one of Chicago's premier silkscreen shops, and after a busy season have finally vetted, signed and editioned the results -- available now on my brand new electronic storefront: robfunderburk.bigcartel.com! Below are some session photos and notes. To purchase prints, go to robfunderburk.bigcartel.com. See, this wasn't a drawing that we scanned and noodled with, or blew-up on a xerox machine or anything -- the whole process was very direct and completely manual. Referring to photos and location studies, I drew what would become each separate color with black paint on a clear sheet of film laid directly on top of each preceding stage after printing. The result is a series that captures the drawing experience very directly, including discoveries along the way and very little revision or redirection of efforts. Rather than a series of reproductions of something that happened before it, each of these prints represents an original act that happened in a multitude of 70. For more info about the Rookery Building itself, see Wikipedia or therookerybuilding.com. And if you visit the Rookery, be sure to step inside and see its beautiful atrium -- and in the NW corner, find the one marble-clad support column that's open in the back to reveal the fantastic ornamental skeletal iron that's underneath it all. To purchase prints, go to robfunderburk.bigcartel.com.