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Eventually I'll put this Blogspot channel to sleep, and before long enact an email subscription thing, but



At Believe Inn, starting Friday July 6

Sharing a dozen or so works on paper in a group show at Believe Inn in Chicago, opening this Friday July 6 from 6–10pm, and running through August 4th by appointment. 

In this showcard is a detail of a piece from a set of six there stemming from these, along with one of these. Also including some small walnut ink & mixed media studies, and a couple of city sketches.

Believe Inn is an alternative exhibition space and friendly, vibrant creative hub hosted in the studio of artists Chris Silva and Lauren Feece. The artists assembled for Now Is the Time come from far & wide and seem like great company — included are:
Chad Davis
Christopher Allman
Damion Silver

Emmett Kerrigan
Gabe Lanza
Geoffry Smalley

Hao Ni
Kane One
Luke Pelletier
Rob Funderburk

Uriel Correa

Please be my guest!

Believe Inn
2043 N Winchester, Chicago 
Group Exhibit: Now Is The TimeOpening Friday July 6, 6–10pm
Addtl. by appointment through August 4, 2012


Chicago Stories

Some sketch portraits from among 28 or so I did for the new Chicago Stories by Michael Czyzniejewski, 40 short & punchy fictions in the voices of famous Chicagoans, just released from publisher Curbside Splendor -- get yours here, paperback (best) or electronic.  

Jean Baptiste Point du Sable by Rob Funderburk
Jean Baptiste Point du Sable,
first resident of Chicago
Mayor Jane Byrne by Rob Funderburk
Mayor Jane Byrne
Leopold & Loeb by Rob Funderburk
Nathan Leopold & Richard Loeb

Steve Dahl by Rob Funderburk
Steve Dahl, of "Disco Demolition" fame
Rhubarb & Ribbie by Rob Funderburk
Rhubarb & Ribbie, White Sox mascots
Hugh Hefner by Rob Funderburk
Hugh Hefner

Ana & Minna Everleigh by Rob Funderburk
Ada & Minna Everleigh

Rich "Svengoolie" Koz by Rob Funderburk
Rich Koz / Svengoolie

Get Chicago Stories here, paperback or electronic. 

* Chicago Stories Release Party
featuring author Michael Czyzniejewski & Guests

  Saturday, April 21 
  Cole's Bar, 2338 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago


Portrait batch for Czyniejewski's Chicago Stories

Dennis Rodman

Barreling through sketch portraits for Chicago Stories by Michael Czyzniejewski -- 25 or so by time I'm through, quick shots above and below of today's crop for your interests. Total roster are attendants to Chicago history small and large, humanities rendered in swift fictional monologues by Mikey Chiz. 

Dennis Rodman

David Yow
I call Michael "Mikey Chiz" here cause he said I ought quit referring to him as "Mr. Czyniejewski". Maybe I did a couple times. 

John Wentworth

Rod Blagojevich

Mayor Jane Byrne

Sister Carrie

Skip Dillard
Several more on the way, and a done thing this spring, a paperback and easy to carry, from Curbside Splendor. More soon; info & preordering at Curbside Splendor

  Chicago Stories by Michael Czyzniejewski 
  Spring 2012 from Curbside Splendor 
  Pre-order now: http://goo.gl/1nWII


Chicago Stories by Czyzniejewski

Cover has just been approved, and I'm working diligently now on a whole slew of portraits for Chicago Stories by Michael Czyzniejewski, forthcoming this spring from Curbside Splendor. I'll share some in-progress sneak-peeks as we proceed! 

Really exciting project -- great folks to work with, and a delight reading Mr. Czyzniejewski's sophisticated renderings of imaginary monologues from a range of notable Chicagoans, some near the surface of the city's consciousness and others a bit deeper down, all implicit in the ethos and mythology of place here, sometimes hilarious, typically brilliant -- a job well done by Czy I'll hope to serve well with attendant art.

More soon, and check it out: curbsidesplendor.com/curbside/books/chicago-stories

  Chicago Stories by Michael Czyzniejewski 
  Spring 2012 from Curbside Splendor 
  Pre-order now: http://goo.gl/1nWII


AV-Aerie sketches

Component renderings from project for Chicago Opera Vanguard at AV-Aerie (RIP), 2009. Turned these up the other day moving some rolls of paper, just though I'd share. Click them to see them bigger.



Visual Reportage from China, c1890

Bound sets of Chinese huabao, c1890.

D.B. Dowd, an illustrator, visual journalist and teacher in St. Louis, Missouri, is at work on an exhibition project called Drawing Conclusions: The Illustrator as Reporter, projected for 2014 and including historical examples of illustrated press from China. I stumbled Dowd's posts about these today and am very excited to see more.

In 1872, a Chinese daily newspaper called Shenbao was launched by a British publishing interest that employed Chinese reporters, editors, illustrators and printers. After initial success and some format experiments, the group introduced illustrated supplements called huabao ("pictorials"), beginning in 1884 with Dianshizhai Huabao and later Feiyingge Huabao. Below is a spread from the first issue of Dianshizhai Huabao describing a battle of the Sino-French War.

Wu Youru, "Forceful Attack at Bac Ninh," Dianshizhai Huabao #1, 1884.

And here is another characteristic huabao news image, describing a trainwreck reported from America in 1890.

Visual report of American trainwreck by Wu Youru, Feiyingge Huabao, September 1890.

Detail of above image by Wu Youru.

Along with a lot of great information about visual reportage more broadly, Mr. Dowd assures he'll write more these pictorials in coming posts on his blog: ulcercity.blogspot.com 

Best of luck, Mr. Dowd, and thanks for sharing. 


five buildings as if on one block together

Click on any of these images to see them bigger.

Gene's Sausage Shop, Chicago
Fielded an interesting challenge from art director Josh Engleman at Time Out Chicago: draw five specific restaurants — spread across town in reality — as if they were on the same imaginary block together. Coulda really spent a lot of time geeking-out on this one but had to turn it around pretty quick — maybe thankfully, heh.    

Illustration for Time Out Chicago #333 (click to see it big)
The illustration accompanies the article "These Roofs Are On Fire!" by Julia Kramer & David Tamarkin in Time Out Chicago's print issue #333, along with photos spotlighting these local restaurants with great new rooftop patios (L to R in my illo above -- click it to see it bigger): 
Thanks, Josh, for a real interesting assignment. 

Davanti Enoteca (on imaginary block), Chicago
Owen & Engine / Gene's Sausage Shop (on imaginary block), Chicago

Reggie's (on imaginary block), Chicago

Reggie's / Paris Club (on imaginary block), Chicago


Zermatt: Hotel Valliserhof

Untitled, originally uploaded by Art of the Luggage Label.

From a set of images of hotel luggage labels by L.M. Kohler, posted by Tom Schifanella on Flickr.


En Route Project in Chicago

I contributed a small, stealthy art effort to this really interesting theater project going on right now in Chicago — can't say what I did exactly or show pictures without spoiling it, but if you're in Chicago at all now through August 13th, I'd encourage you to check it out:  

July 12 — August 13, Tuesday — Saturday
Downtown Chicago, multiple locations 
3 times a day: 11am, 2pm & 5pm
$35/ticket: chicagoshakes.com

Created by One Step at a Time Like This, visiting artists from Melbourne, Australia. Presented by Chicago Shakespeare Theater World's Stage Series in association with the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture.

Audience members are invited on an extraordinary journey through downtown Chicago, guided by audio tracks, mobile phone communications and embedded prompts throughout the cityscape that shift perceptions and encourage guests to make and remake their environment. The artists' collaborative investigation extends to include audience as well as unwitting passersby, and notions like private vs. public and concrete vs. imaginary effectively intersect, overlap and merge, resulting in a uniquely resonant experience.

The project is receiving great reviews (click underlines to read them whole):

Time Out Chicago: "A deliciously devised, surprise-laden piece of theater-as-walking-tour... the prods to reexamine Chicago spaces are a delicious jolt to the system."

Chicago Tribune: "… wholly immersive of the psyche. I went stressed out, shoving it between other commitments, and wholly cynical about how a company from Melbourne could possibly teach us anything about life in Chicago. They could. They did… one of those rushes of feeling and experience and self-actualization that usually cost you a great deal of money and involve hot-air balloons or space or something weird and ridiculous."

Chicago Reader: "… blessedly MacGuffinless from beginning to end… didn't turn into a self-guided tour (or) one of those colossally condescending attempts to reintroduce me to my city, help me see it afresh, etc… Their piece isn't about getting us to see the city but about getting us to see, period."

Newcity "... I can’t say this emphatically enough: 'Go do it!'"

Place-specific presentations of en route have received critical acclaim in Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Australia's Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Festivals. The company is the recipient of a London 2012 Festival Cultural Olympiad commission to create en route in London as part of next summer's Olympic Games.

Special thanks to Greta Honold for the invitation to participate. Great project, great folks.


hands up high

UP THERE, an absolutely beautiful documentary about practitioners of hand-painted outdoor signage, from "Jon" on Vimeo. More about the project at uptherefilm.com. Thanks to Post Family for the heads-up (pun, although convenient, not intended).

Reminds me how much I enjoyed James Rosenquist's memoir "Painting Below Zero" -- dig that too if you enjoy the movie above and like to read. Dwight Garner (New York Times) says "it’s a ruddy and humble book, lighted from within by the author’s plainspoken, blue-collar charm." Here's his full review, and you can read an excerpt of the book here on the publisher's site.


cartoon projected at "New Chicago Style" event 6/16

Was a great surprise last Thursday night to arrive and see my cartoon projected behind readers at "The New Chicago Style," an event hosted by Another Chicago Magazine (ACM) and the City of Chicago's Publishing Industry Programs. The image also serves the wrap-around cover of ACM #50, which came out last winter and features a bunch of really great work exclusively from Chicago writers, along with several drawings of city scenes from yours truly. Featured guests at this event were contributing novelist Joe Meno, poet Simone Muench, novelist Bayo Ojikutu and poet/novelist Kathleen Rooney, each of whom gave read selections of their work at the Chicago Cultural Center and then proceeded to the Stop Smiling Storefront in Wicker Park for a panel discussion and afterparty. 
Image is based on a view west through the lobby windows of the Dirksen Federal Building on South Dearborn Street in Chicago, looking towards the Calder sculpture by the Post Office across the street. 

Image detail
Image detail
Image detail
ACM #50 cover design by Jason Smith, ft. my drawing.

Kathleen Rooney
Joe Meno
And, certainly with no disrespect to the readers, below are some sketches I made during the event. Click any to see them bigger. 
Bayo Ojikutu
Bayo Ojikutu
Kathleen Rooney
Simone Muench
Joe Meno